Chromalusion Color Changing Paint

Axalta Chromalusion paint is a true custom paint that is available in 36 different color formulas with each of them changing color depending on the direction of the light and viewing angle.  The overall appearance can be changed significantly by using a differnt basecoat color under the Chromalusion.  Black is the most common basecoat color and it results in the best color "flop".

     KK700   True Blasberry

     KK701   Black Blasberry

     KK702   Coarse Blasberry

     KK703   Indigo Blasberry

     KK704   Plum Blasberry

     KK705   Neon Blasberry


          KK710   Majestic Royal

          KK711   Dark Royal

          KK712   Coase Royal

          KK713   Royal Plum

          KK714   Royal Rose

          KK715   Royal Berry


     KK720   Pure Fire

     KK721   Black Fire

     KK722   Coarse Fire

     KK724   Burnt Fire

     KK725   Twilight Fire

     KK726   Sunset Fire


          KK730   Butter Green

          KK781   Golden Graphite

          KK782   Irish Rose

          KK783   Butter Rose

          KK784   Blue Berry

          KK785   Blue Steel

     KK740   Perfect Jade

     KK741   Black Jade

     KK742   Coarse Jade

     KK743   Glo Jade

     KK744   Bleu Jade

     KK745   Red Jade

          KK760   Absolute Purpleen

          KK761   Mystic Purpleen

          KK762   Coarse Purpleen

          KK763   Aqua Purpleen

          KK764   Green Purpleen

          KK765   Rosy Purpleen

All Chromalusion is priced the same.  We can mix them on site in quantities as small as 2 fluid ounces.  Prices are $65.09 per ounce, $836.19 per pint, or $1,576.69 per quart.

Chromalusion Technical Data Sheet
Detailed description of Chromalusion paint and recommended application procedures.
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